Anorak News | Conservative MP Calls For Investifation Into Footballers’ Salaries

Conservative MP Calls For Investifation Into Footballers’ Salaries

by | 26th, November 2007

DIZZY sees “Class warfare in Southend West?”

What a strange motion by the Tory MP for Southend West, David Amess (also signed by Bob Russell, Lib Dem MP for Colchester). Amess has called on the FA to reassess footballers salaries, managers salaries, and also the ticket prices.

That this House calls on the Football Association to re-examine the organisation of the country’s national sport, paying particular regard to the salaries of football players and their managers; and further calls on the Association to look at the ticket prices for Premier League and international matches on the basis of affordability and value for money.

Here’s the thing though, do these two both want to kill off their local clubs? Colchester and Southend United both charge around £15 to £20 for tickets. Your average Premiership side charges about double that.

So if they’re price is brought down, and you pay more for the higher leagues because of quality of football, then clubs like Southend and Colchester will have to reduce their prices and struggle to operate.

Frankly, politicians should keep their noses out of the business of football. To see a Tory MP calling for interventions on salaries and prices is even stranger.

Should MPs be paid on a performance-related scheme?


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