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You Decide If Gillian Gibbons Should Be Flogged

by | 27th, November 2007

mobile-phone.jpgTHE story so far: Gillian Gibbons has been accused of insulting Islam’s holiest prophet.

The British primary school teacher at a school in Sudan allowed pupils to name the class teddy bear Mohammed. If found guilty she will be sentenced to 40 lashes and a lengthy jail term.

Gillian Gibbons is on the front pages of the Guardian, Mirror, Telegraph, Times and the Sun.

And she’s on the Express’s over, where the paper responds to the news with a question it would like its readers to respond to: “Is it right for this British woman to be whipped?”

The Express calls it a “barbaric class of values”. And it is. In the Sudan, Gillian Gibbons will get a trial and a chance to defend herself. But in the Express, she is afforded no such thing, and it is left to the readers to decide her fate.

Should she be flogged? You decide…

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