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Princess Diana Could Have Been Pregnant, Maybe

by | 27th, November 2007

diana.jpg“DIANA – She could have been pregnant expert tells jury.”

The Daily Express brings news on its front page of Princess Diana. Inside and: “Doctor admits: Diana may have been newly pregnant.”

Diana fans will enjoy the word “admits”. In the white heat of the inquest Dr Robert Chapman is left with no choice other then to admit that had Diana been in the very early stages of pregnancy there would have been no way of his knowing.

Dr Chapman is the home office pathologist who conducted Diana’s post-mortem.

Now at last there is value to be found in the £10million inquest. This is progress.

“Princess Diana was not pregnant when she died and was only enjoying a ‘friendship” with Dodi Fayed,” the Mail hears Diana’s driver Colin Tebbutt say on the record.

But, Mr Tebbutt, we put it to you that COULD have been pregnant. Admit that, at least. We all of us must.

Dr Chapman says he did not see any “indication when examining Diana’s uterus and ovaries” of the princess’s pregnancy.

As the Telegraph front page says: “DIANA INQUEST – ‘NO SIGN SHE WAS PREGNANT’.”

But that Diana could have been one, two or three weeks pregnant has been established. Now the case can finally move on and we can find out if Diana COULD have been planning to wear brown in town, COULD have been set for a bout of adult acne and COULD have been a natural brunette…

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