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Why Victoria Beckham Reformed The Spice Girls

by | 27th, November 2007

WANT to know why “Victoria Beckham reformed the Spice Girls”? The Sun asks the question.

The Spice Girls were and still are the pop feminists that set out to show girls and curious boys that if you really, really want it, it doesn’t matter if you can’t sing and can’t dance, you can still get it.

As David Beckham, the so-called Sixth Spice, reveals: “She says all our boys know what Daddy does [see new Motorola Razor advert]…but they have never seen what Mummy used to do.”

Far be it from us to add the chorus of advisors who shape the Beckhams, but this might be something best left alone. Victoria might like to buy or rent a DVD or visit YouTube and show her sons videos of what mummy used to do.

Most mums embarrass their children by performing badly or too well at the mum’s race on school sports day, voicing an opinion or beginning a sentence with “Can I talk to you?”

Victoria Beckham is breaking new ground.

The young Beckhams should just know that what Mummy did then is pretty much what Mummy has always done, albeit with her hand of Geri Halliwell’s knee…

As Mummy once opined: “If you want my future, forget my past…”

Video: Posh and Baby before the Change

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