Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Francisco Pagarete Says, Metodo 3 ‘Mercenaries’ And The Vicious Man

Madeleine McCann: Francisco Pagarete Says, Metodo 3 ‘Mercenaries’ And The Vicious Man

by | 28th, November 2007

mccanns-renault-scenic.jpg MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

THE SUN front page: “MADDIE:
• None of her DNA in hire care
• Murat’s lawyer vile slur”

“Forensic experts found NO blood, NO hair and NO body fluids from Madeleine McCann in her parents’ hire car, it emerged last night”

Forensic scientists used by the police?

“Home Office-approved scientists hired by Kate and Gerry McCann say there is no evidence Maddie was ever in the Renault Scenic, rented 25 days after she disappeared”

But the police kept a bit of boot lining. Have the McCanns team checked it…

Says McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell: “Clarence Mitchell said: “We feel it is impossible there can be anything found on the piece. From our understanding, it is part of the tailgate fitting and is supposed to have tiny droplets of a substance on it…If her body had been in there, there would have been traces all over it. And there aren’t any. Because she was never in there”

Robert Murat’s lawyers Francisco Paragete [not to be confused with Sen Pagarete elsewhere] says: “They deserve to be cursed for leaving three children unprotected.” The McCanns’ private detectives are “dodgy mercenaries”

How do the McCanns pay for the detectives?

“The fund stands at almost £1.1million but £700,000 has been earmarked to pay the private eyes. At its height the fund was receiving £450,000 a month. But that is now down to £30,000”

Would you donate money?


Francisco Pagarete says: “I’m just sorry that there are people out there ready to feed a couple who abandoned their three children and strutted round the streets daily. On top of that, with bulging bank accounts. In the meantime my client, his mum and his girlfriend, who have nothing to do with this case, are seeing their names dragged through the mud on a daily basis. Before they were made official suspects, the Policia Judiciaria were the best in the world and after they became the worst”

Says the Express: “His words have struck a cord with many in Portugal”

“Countryside search for body” – Detectives are looking around Apria da Luz


Ex-pat George Burke is by Lagos marina. He sees a small girl, “who bore a remarkable resemblance to Madeleine”. She is being hauled along by a “vicious-looking” man and a woman.

He says: “It was dark and they were hurrying towards the marina. There was no-one else around at the time and they looked very suspicious”

Page 9: “TAKEN BY SEA?” – George Burke is a “businessman”. Says a source: “The private investigation is now concentrating on Lagos and the marina”

But what about Morocco?

“I THINK I SAW MADDY’” – Madeleine at a petrol station in Lagos; Madeleine on a gypsy cart on Portimao; Marie Ollie sees Madeleine in Marrakech; Isabel Gonzalez sees Madeleine in Zaio; two women see Madeleine in Cartagena, Spain. Madeleine in Belgium. Madeleine in Malta. Madeleine in Bosnia

And X marks the spot…

DAILY STAR front page:2 “’Parents frame Murat’”

Page 11: “’I’M BEING FRAMED BY THE MCCANNS’” – Says Pagarete: “The people from Metodo 3 have spoken to everyone, including witnesses in this case. They are constantly pursuing my client and his girlfriend and they no longer have a private life. This is simply unacceptable in a democratic country. The Metodo 3 investigators are mercenaries. They’re pressurising witnesses and no-one does anything. It’s a disgrace”

DAILY MAIL page 5: “Curse on the McCanns”

Francisco Pagarete says…

The Mail notes: “The McCanns own a £500,000 home. Mr McCann, 39, earns a reported £75,000 as a heart specialist”

And: “The Find Madeleine fund has raised almost £1.1million, which the couple, who also have twins, have used to fund their campaign and to pay their living costs since May, including two instalments of their mortgage. Their legal costs and spokesman are paid for by benefactors”

THE GUARDIAN: “Murat lawyer attacks McCanns”

And: “Sky News said they [Portuguese police] would travel to the UK on Wednesday to speak to police in Leicestershire – the couple live in Rothley, in the county”

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 15: “McCanns ‘should be cursed or leaving Madeleine’”

Says Francisco Pagarete: “This is simply unacceptable in a democratic state…Leave my client alone”

THE INDEPENDENT and THE TIMES: No Madeleine news today

The story so far

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