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Spice Girls: Victoria Beckham’s Past It Double

by | 28th, November 2007

victoria-beckhams-breasts.jpgTHE Spice Girls are reforming and the Mirror spots them at the Dancing With The Stars show, USA.

“TOUR HAS BEEN TANGO’D,” says the paper. And we look at the pictures of Sporty, Posh, Baby and Geri and wonder that the paper is not being a little cruel. Granted Geri is a little gingery and her Poshness is a light vermillion. But tango?

As Mel B says: “We have this little tango section so we can show off our stuff. Me and Emma were quite obviously pleased to get that in.”

It may have escaped your notice that Mel B is in the American show and Emma was once a contestant on British Strictly Come Dancing.

You can imagine the frisson of excitement as Emma and Mel B look on, sleeves pulled taught over mouths as Posh is invited to stand chest-to-chest with Geri, snap her head and move her feet.

And what of that Posh chest? The Mail takes a look and wonders: “Are Posh’s assets going south?” Are Posh’s dance partners flying down to Rio, so to speak, or sliding off to Buenos Aires, home to the aforementioned Tango?

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