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Gillian Gibbons And The UN Moratorium On Teddy Bear Naming

by | 28th, November 2007

teddy-bear.jpgLOTS more news of Gillian Gibbons, victim of Sudan’s Teddy Bear Taliban.

In the Sun, one Mohammed, aged 7, says the class teddy was not named after the prophet of Islam but him. Says he: “The teacher asked me what I wanted to call the teddy. I said Mohammed after my name.”

“WE NAMED THAT TEDDY BEAR AFTER ME, NOT THE PROPHET,” echoes the Mirror’s headline. Says Dr Khalid al Mubarak: “I am certain this minute incident will be clarified quickly and the teacher cleared.”

We hope so. But not before Gavin Sherrard-Smith – yesterday he was in the Express – tells Britons and Old Etonians just how much it hurts to be whipped across the back by a bamboo stick wielded by a arge and possibly angry man.

The message is clear. We need a clear UN-approved naming convention for teddies. With the Giving Season almost upon us, it cannot come soon enough.

Approved Teddy names are: Big Ted, Little Ted, Ted, Teddy-Edward, Teddy Sheringham, Ted Kennedy Boutros Boutro and Rupert…

Names best avoided include: Ken, Anthea and any member of the victorious German football team of World Cup 74

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