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The Thicket Of It: Janice Dickinson And The Sum Of Her Parts

by | 29th, November 2007

jancie-dickinson-stick-insects.jpgTO the I’m A Celebrity Jungle, where the locals are educating viewers in the ways of maths, or maffs.

Question: “What is 20 per cent of 60?”

Turn the dial on the safe to the correct answer and gain access to the food within, a chocolate cake. Answer wrong and get no food.

Teachers, Ed Balls and food activists look on with interest. Is this the answer to the obesity and stupidity epidemic in our schools?

The debate goes like this (as transcribed by the Daily Mail):

Janice Dickinson: 40, 30, 10, 5
Cerys Matthews: If ten per cent is six what’s 20 per cent?
Jason ‘J’ Brown: Did you put 24 in the padlock?
Janice: I did and it wouldn’t open.
Cerys: It’s 12 isn’t it?
Jason: No, it’s 20 per cent.
Cerys: What’s 10 per cent of 60 then? It’s six.
Jason: No, 12. It’s because she didn’t get it on the red line.
Cerys: Well I can’t do percentages then.
Chris Biggins: So what is 10 per cent of 60?
Cerys: Twelve he said. I thought it was six.
Janice: I thought it was six. It is six.
Biggins: Ten per cent of 60 is six.
Jason: Ten per cent of what?
Biggins: Of 60 is six.
Jason: But you want 20 per cent.
Biggins: Yeah, then you double it. If ten per cent is six, 20 per cent is 12.
Jason: What was the sum?
Jason: Well a fifth of 60 is 12.
Cerys: Yes, that’s what the answer is. You don’t have to double it.
Janice: It’s a really smart game and we ****ed up.

No cake. Tomorrow – Gemma Atkinson calculates what comes after DD, Jason wonders what happened to the other three members of his former band Five and budding celebrities work out that if you want to get on the telly and in the papers it pays to play dumb…

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