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David Beckham’s Waxing On The Wane

by | 29th, November 2007

biggins.jpgWITH David Beckham nearing the end of his football playing career, the world of waxing needs a new spokesman.

Step forward Chris Biggins, the I’m A Celebrity jungle camper. Says he, as heard by the Sun: “I sugar. It’s a bit like a jelly and a bit like waxing but easier and they put it on and the hairs just come off.” Biggins sounds good enough to eat.

“It’s an old Egyptian thing and I go to a guy in Soho and he sugars my back and he sugars the hair from my nostrils and he sugars my crack and, yeah, it’s good.”

The market will, as ever, be the judge of that. And it remains to be seen how Beckham will react ot the challenge.

A back, sack and crack merchant, Beckham has yet to move into nasal hair. But with age catching up with him, he just might…

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