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Welsh Traders Call Police To Stop School Christmas Carol Singers

by | 29th, November 2007

bristol-zoo-choir.jpg‘TIS that time of year when the tabloids dust off their annals and regale us with stories of the teacher who announces at morning assembly that Father Christmas is a lie, followed by “A Day In The Life of Mr F. Christmas – a caretaker from Leicester”.

There is also the traditional story of the “grumpy traders” who hate Christmas as much as they hate children as much as they hate carols.

The Mirror looks at these “bad-tempered shopkeepers” of Llandudno asking that the singers of Sant Sior primary school stop singing. The children, replete with the spirit of Christmas, would not stop. Could not stop. So the shopkeepers call a police officer.

“GOD ARREST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN,” says the headline. Gerry Mentalmen, say we, looking for the German angle that this story sorely lacks.

“It was absolutely unbelievable,” says Ian Jones, the singers’ “head”. “The children were singing beautifully and everyone was having a good time.”

Not everyone, Singers for sure. Their parents, certainly. The listeners? Not a chance. So a Police Support officer arrives. He tells the singers to turn the backing music down (what, no recorders?) and sing “more quietly”.

As the head notes: “Some of the parents were furious.”

Understandably. If Armani and Brad are to sing about their two front teeth on the X Factor and hold down meaningful careers in the entertainment biz, they need to perform before a live crowd.

Unless something is done to stop this madness, we fear Britain’s reality TV song contest industry will go the way of so many Eurovision dreams…

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