Anorak News | David Beckham Labours In Nicole Kidman’s New Film

David Beckham Labours In Nicole Kidman’s New Film

by | 30th, November 2007

david-beckham-phone-1.pngDAVID Beckham’s post-football career is causing Nicole Kidman to make notes.

Advertising perfumes and mobile phones is just fine if you are as jobbing footballer with match sweat to wash away and agents to call. But can a non-playing Beckham command the same marketing space?

In Australia, Nicole Kidman is due to star in Baz Lurhmann’s new film in which a British aristocrat falls in love with a rugged Australian.

We know, the aristo should be Her Poshness. But what with her acting and prior engagements Nicole Kidman gets the nod. Hugh Jackman plays Mick Dundee.

And, as the Star reports, David Beckham gets a part as a “hunky builder”.

It’s nothing shot of genius. (Kidman’s brain training is paying off.) Who uses their mobiles more than a builder? Who builds up a bigger sweat on the job?

And to top the lot, who presents their employees with a massive bill for what on the face of it appears as minimal work?

Bring it on…

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