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Gillian Gibbons And The UN Convention On Teddy Bear Names

by | 30th, November 2007

teddy.jpgIN light of news that British teacher Gillian Gibbons has been spared the lash and sentenced to 15 days in a Sudanese choky for naming a teddy in an improper way, Anorak looks at the position of teddy bears in society.

The Sun focuses on ten-year-old Georgia Leyland, who bought her teddy in Harrods and named it Mohamed, in honour of Mohamed al Fayed.

“She’s just a little girl and she doesn’t understand,” says her father Mick. We should not rush to judge. Says Georgia to Gillian: “You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s just a teddy and you should be allowed to call it Mohamed – just like I’ve done.”

Why Miss Leyland should name her bear after a business leader is odd in only that more children don’t follow the convention. Teddy bears are, after all, so called in honour of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was fond of a Square Deal and once advocated war with Spain.

Other toys – the Gonk, the Troll and My Little Pony – are rarely if ever named after world figures. It is the teddy bear that occupies a special place.

As such we need clarification on what we can and cannot name our bears. The UN Convention of Teddy Bear naming has yet to reach a consensus. And to be on the safe side all new teddy bears bought this Christmas should be named “Teddy A”, “Teddy B” or “Boutros Boutros”.

Children should resist all urges to name their Barbie doll Hillary or their Bratz collection after Al Qaeda’s leaders…

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