Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: DNA, Over By Christmas, Police To Question Kate and Gerry McCann

Madeleine McCann: DNA, Over By Christmas, Police To Question Kate and Gerry McCann

by | 2nd, December 2007

mccanns-telly.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

SUNDAY EXPRESS front page: “Madeleine: DNA clue to deserted farmhouse”

SUNDAY MIRROR: “New Maddy witnesses come forward”

“By Lori Campbell” – the hack you told the police and then all of us about “creepy” Robert Murat

“Madeleine McCann suspect Robert Murat is back in the frame after two new witnesses say they saw him the night the four-year-old disappeared,” says Campbell of the Mirror

And: “The private detectives from Metodo 3 are also investigating a tip-off that Murat had connections to the criminal underworld and was working as a police informant”

Another lead for the private detectives. Keep those invoices coming…

Says a source inside Metodo 3: “There are serious questions around Murat’s alibi. He says he was at his mum’s house and did not learn of Madeleine’s disappearance until the following morning. But his claims have now been challenged by five eyewitnesses. Three of the McCanns’ friends have always insisted they saw him that night. They say they are sure it was him because of his distinctive right eye. Now two new people have contacted us saying they are certain they also saw him. They do not know each other and called our hotline independently”

“Case ‘will close in 4 weeks’” – “Top cop” Paulo Rebelo “plans to close the case in one month”

SUNDAY MAIL: “Madeleine: British police to question the McCanns ‘in days’”

“A close friend of the McCanns said they believed that only the seven friends would face questioning” – so nothing arranged yet..?

He adds: “We believe that we are getting close to the couple being cleared.”
A spokeswoman for the Home Office says: “If the Portuguese police were to require to travel to the UK then they would need to apply for mutual legal assistance from the Home Office”

SUNDAY PEOPLE: “McCanns to face fresh police quiz”

Says a judicial source: “Without forensic proof the investigators have to go for the contradictions in the stories of the McCanns and the other witnesses. The investigation has not changed direction. Authorities believe the McCanns and the other official suspect Robert Murat are implicated”

No news is news


“Kate and Gerry McCann are set to be cleared as prime suspects in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine in time for Christmas,” says the paper

Cleared! Big news. What evidence of their innocence – if any is needed? Says McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell: “Police chief Paulo Rebelo will have to decide soon whether he has enough evidence to charge them and take the case to the prosecutor. We are relaxed about this. Hopefully Kate and Gerry will be cleared by Christmas”

And: “In another development, it has been revealed that the McCanns – both 39 – are considering offers to publicise the search for Maddie on American TV. It is hoped that highlighting the hunt on major networks in the US – together with Arabic-language adverts due to be broadcast on Moroccan TV – could hold the key to solving the case”

In America… Why?

THE GUARDIAN: “Another flaw in the McCanns’ coverage”

Says Roy Greenslade: “According to the Daily Mirror on its front page, The Sun in a page lead, and the Daily Express also in page a lead, police will speak to the ‘Tapas Seven’. But, according to the Daily Telegraph here, and the Daily Mail here, police plan to question the ‘Tapas Nine’.

“Anyone for eight? I know. A small point. Small, but in the context of the way this story has been covered, significant because it indicates, yet again, that – whatever your opinions might be – reporters cannot agree on a single, simple fact”

FOR all the speculation, sensation and news

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