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Jordan, Harvey And Cheap Shots In Heat And OK!

by | 2nd, December 2007

celebrity-magazine.jpg“FURY OVER JIBE AT JORDAN’S SON!” says the Sunday Express.

The news: a picture in Heat magazine of Katie Andre pulling disabled and blind son Harvey towards her gigantic Jordans came equipped with a sticker bearing the legend “Harvey wants to eat me”.

How you interpret the line may depend on how you view celebrity.

Or whether you publish a magazine called OK!, in which Jordan appears each week to update us on Harvey’s health and share sticky-fingered anecdotes of a sex life with her pop acorn husband Peter Andre.

Says the Express, owned by Richard Desmond, who owns OK!: “It faced losing readers in droves after dozens of complaints to the Press Complaints Commission. Not only did the publication of a sticker ridiculing five-year-old Harvey attract widespread disgust and condemnation, it sent shock waves through the City, where the struggling group is being touted for sale.”

The struggling group is the Emap media conglomerate. “The furore heaped more trouble on Emap chairman Alan Cathcart, presiding over the group’s break-up amid falling sales and accusations that the board has lost its way and lost confidence,” notes the Sunday Express.

The paper is outraged and disgusted. It would not use a sickly child to sell magazines and score low points. This is a new low in British journalism.

Says Jordan: “They are making out Harvey is fat because he is greedy and eats all the time… In fact his size is down to his thyroid not working properly. He needs special medication every day just to keep him going. So if they attack my son because of his size, which is a result of his disability, they’re actually attacking him because he is disabled. What are they going to mock him for next – the colour of his skin?”

Harvey is dark-skinned, the product of a romance between footballer Dwight Yorke (black) and Jordan (orange)…

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