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Gordon Brown ‘Rude’ To His Garden Girls

by | 2nd, December 2007

gordon-brown-rock.jpgGORDON Brown is gasping for air. And now the Spectator reports:

Disturbing reports have emerged that Gordon Brown is rude to his secretaries — or garden girls, as they are known inside Downing Street. He is said to shout at them abusively. On one occasion he is reported to have impatiently turfed one of the girls out of her chair and sat down to use the keyboard himself.

All recent prime ministers — Thatcher, Major, Blair — were loved by the garden girls. All recent prime ministers from time to time endured problems. Only Gordon Brown has vented his frustration on secretaries, who can never answer back or speak for themselves. In the end this intemperate and regrettable conduct may cause him as much damage as Mr Abrahams.

Odd. No, not that Brown should be a control freak and looking to keep his typing up to speed – he may soon need a job. (If he types as quick as he talks he is in trouble.) But that the secretaries are called the “garden girls”.

Says Sue Cameron in the Financial Times:

The garden room girls are the elite cadre of Whitehall secretaries who serve the prime minister. Since the time of Lloyd George early in the past century they have worked in the rooms overlooking the Number 10 garden – hence their name.

The garden is frequented by woodpecker, thrush, jackdaws, jays, dunnocks, robins, magpies, blackbirds, both wood and feral pigeons, sparrows, crows and finches.

Make your own jokes…

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