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Madeleine McCann: Charlotte Pennington Poses, Metodo 3 Says And Blood

by | 3rd, December 2007

metodo-3.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE – British diplomat in Portugal has doubts about McCanns”

Page 9: “Madeleine: Diplomat’s secret file that rises fears about her parents” – The unnamed British wonk is in the Algarve days after Madeleine’s disappearance. He sends back a missive. He mentions the McCanns “lack of co-operation” with the Portuguese police

Belgian newspaper Derniere Heure sees the note. It runs: “With the greatest respect, I would like to make you aware of the risks and implications to our relationship with the Portuguese authorities, if you consider the possible involvements of the couple”

But wouldn’t a diplomat – a cautious, servile breed in grey suits, sandals and white socks – always highlight the risk? Is this news, even in Belgium?

“Blood-stained towel clue?” – A towel with blood on it has been found in a barn near Praia da Luz. “Fibres discovered on the towel matched samples from the Renault Scenic hire car which Madeleine’s parents rented 25 days after Madeleine went missing”


Page 9: “A nanny at the holiday complex where Madeleine McCann vanished claims she saw suspect Robert Murat there on the fateful night… Charlotte Pennington, 20, is one of three witnesses who could blow apart the oddball’s alibi that he was home with his mum”

Oddball? Oh, creepy Murat, the bouncy castle fetishist

And this is Charlotte Pennington, who appeared in the Mail on September 25. She has now told her story to Metodo 3, the private detective agency. She is youthful and smiles for the camera

“Days later she and five fellow nannies saw Murat again in a supermarket. He was talking to a mystery man who bore an uncanny likeness to a sketch of a suspect cops were seeking” – Would that be the efit of the man with no face?

What of the “blood-stained towel” or, as the Sun says, the “blood-specked towel”?

“The samples have proved too tiny to match to Maddie’s DNA. But fibres on the towel allegedly strongly match samples from the boot of a car rented by Kate and Gerry after Maddie vanished”

“BORDER FURY OF PARENTS”- “Bungling” Portuguese police, who failed to close the border between Portugal and Spain when Madeleine went missing, did shut it when a car was stolen

DAILY MAIL front page: “MADELEINE – Is Murat’s alibi falling apart”

Pages 12-13: “Six cracks in Murat’s alibi – Witnesses line up to cast doubt on original Madeleine suspect”

“Detectives searching for Madeleine McCann raised ‘serious questions’ about suspect Robert Murat’s alibi yesterday after two new witnesses came forward. Six people now claim to have seen the British expat outside Kate and Gerry McCann’s holiday apartment on the night the girl vanished”

Detectives… Oh, private detectives…

Says a Metodo 3 source: “There are serious questions around Murat’s alibi. He says he was at his mum’s house and did not learn of Madeleine’s disappearance until the following morning. But his claims have now been challenged by eyewitnesses. Three of the McCanns’ friends have always insisted they saw him that night. They say they are sure it was him. Now two new people have contacted us saying they are certain they also saw him. They do not know each other and called our hotline independently” – Three, plus two plus Nanny Pennington…is six. Any more?

The chatter from Metodo 3 is front-page news. They can be trusted..?

“£50,000 a month in fees. A sleepy office 700 miles from the crime, outrageous claims of progress, have the McCanns really chosen the best private eyes to find Maddie”

DAILY MIRROR page 5: “I SAW MURAT AT THE RESORT THAT NIGHT – but he denied it was him, says nanny”

Nanny Pennington wears a woollen jacket, dark-coloured beret and an alluring smile

She says she saw Robert Murat on the night Madeleine went missing. She asks him if he was there. “No, I wasn’t there,” he replies. She tells Metodo 3: “When I went in, he was in the kitchen with several detectives. He didn’t want to talk any more”

Charlotte Pennington is 20 and the most photogenic witness to date. Fact!

DAILY STAR page 17: “’TEN FACTS POINT TO THE McCANNS – Maddie’s parents face new grilling”

“Kate and Gerry McCann will be quizzed over 120 crucial pieces of evidence that police believe put them under suspicion”

Including: “Kate’s instant conviction Maddie…had been abducted”; “Kate’s pleas to her mum for the number of her priest in Liverpool”; “the high mileage they ran up in the Renault Scenic they hired 24 days after Maddie disappeared” (Or 25 if you read the Express); and more…

THE TIMES page 5: “Police to carry out new DNA tests on Madeleine McCann evidence”

Says Guilhermino Encarnação, director of the Portuguese police team searching for Madeleine: “The Judicial Police have asked the laboratory to carry out more tests and exhaust every possibility of obtaining conclusive results”

Charlotte Pennington, 20, says she saw Murat on the night Madeleine went missing

GLASGOW DAILY RECORD: “Murat ‘At Scene Night Maddie Vanished’”

“British nanny Charlotte Pennington claims she saw him at the Ocean Club resort on the evening of May 3…The 20-year-old, from Leatherhead in Surrey, told agency Metodo 3 she saw Murat standing at the Praia da Luz resort’s reception around midnight, as the search began”

Ms Pennington crosses her legs and looks into the camera

THE GUARDIAN media section: “The point of the McCanns’ exercise…”

Says Roy Greenslade: “What strikes me about this saga is that journalists, like so many members of the public, have lost their heads over the McCanns”

DAILY TELEGRAPH and THE INDEPENDENT: No Madeleine news today

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