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Shoeless Amy Winehouse Shows Her Respect For Victoria Beckham

by | 3rd, December 2007

amy-winehouse-posh.jpg“POSH: I WANT YOU TO FAINT!” says the Star, words hung above a picture of Victoria Beckham applying mascara, to her eyes.

The Spice Girls, of which Vicky is one fifth, or perhaps a seventh if you approach from alternative angles, have launched their reunion tour, as all old bands must.

And here is Victoria calling on us to faint. She is at Vancouver airport. She sees the fans. Says Victoria: “They were in tears, I always like that. I think it shows you are a true fan when you cry or pass out.”

We feel a tear brewing in the corner of one eye. But our meltdown is delayed by the sight of a shoeless Amy Winehouse in her bra and jeans wandering the London streets.

This is the Sun’s front page “Amy’s 5am cry for help”. She’s the Mirror’s “6am girl – AMY BRA SHOCK.”

Inside the Mirror, readers see two pictures of the singer and are encouraged to note that Amy’s bra is less full than it once was. And that is no small shock, a disappointment, surely. “YOU’LL CATCH YOUR DEATH,” say the Sun, spotting Amy at 5:40.

While tabloid editors wonder if 5:40am is closer to 6am or 5am, and which makes for the better front-page sensation, we look again.

And we realise that what looks like a cry for help is surely just Ms Winehouse paying heed to Victoria Beckham’s words.

Says Vicky: “When the paramedics are called, I think that is a good sign; it shows real determination as a fan…”

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