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You Data: DVLA s

by | 3rd, December 2007

THE Government loses your personal details. The DVLA just sells it. As Dizzy notes:

Back in January I posted about how the DVLA was selling data to third party providers. This was revealed in a response by the TRansport minister, Stephen Ladyman to a written question from Andrew Pelling.

Pelling’s question asked for detailed number of how often the DVLA charged thrid parties for the data, and Stephen Ladyman said, “The DVLA does not collate the number of such transactions.” This is simply not true. The DVLA does collate the number of transactions it carries out.

In figures released under the Freedom of Information Act the DVLA has said that it actioned 1,264,284 request in 2005/06; 1,343,903 requests in 2006/07 and between April and August this year had actioned 651,957 requests for information from third parties which it then charged for. The charge is £2.50 per enquiry.


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