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Prince Harry Stops Smoking And Seeks New Job

by | 3rd, December 2007

princeharry.jpgON the sober field of beige that is the Royal Family, stands Prince Harry, the flame-haired champion of drinking (hoorah!), puffing (hooray!) and groping (he’s behind you!).But now comes news in the Mirror that Harry Baseball Cap has given up the evil weed (that one too, we’d wager). News is that Harry, a 20-a-day man in the prime, has stopped smoking.

It could be argued that with Harry’s hands employed twirling his smoke, they are less likely to cause him to problems.

Indeed, had only his father Charles spent his idle moments smoking he might have embarked on hobbies more enduring and edifying than befriending begonias and being fascinated by tampons.

Now Prince Harry is a non-smoker. No, it’s worse than that – he’s a reformed smoker. As the Mirror says: “Now he’s said to have conquered his addiction, Harry’s next job will be to work on his South African girlfriend – Chelsy Davy, 22, who is known to be fiond of a crafty drag.”

Of almost girlfriend. The Mail says Harry is “desperate to win her back”.

And keen to do something with his hands…

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