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The Economics Of Trafficking In French Cannabis

by | 3rd, December 2007

CANNABIS and how to make money from its dealing – an equation. As told by The Croydonian:

The dope dealer’s necessities – long overcoat, loose tobacco, skins, scientific calculator….

That equation comes courtesy of the Observatoire Francais des Drogues et des Toxicomanes, also known as the OFDT. Said organisation has been examining the economics of trafficking in cannabis, and that equation shows how the pusherman can maximise his, or indeed, her profit, with variables including wholesale price, street price, purchasing cycle and number of competitors on the block /street. There do not appear to be variables for paying off les flics, or cutting the resin with Oxo. Anyway, the full methodology and supporting report is available here.

LibĂ©ration carries the tale too, and in what I suspect may well be a first for a national newspaper uses ‘sh*t’ in its headline, that being a leading slang term for resin in French.

Who knww pot heads were so good at maths..?

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