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Global Warming, Hedgehogs And Jordan

by | 4th, December 2007

princeharry1.jpgA PICTURE in the Express of a hedgehog with one foot wrapped in a green bandage. Thanks to the long summer and warm autumns, hedgehogs have been born later and are right now out looking for food when they should be hibernating. And that means more “consequences”.

But there is hope for hedgehogs. And Anorak turns back the clock to May 2006:


JORDAN was last night relieved of her duties as a roving ambassador for the Spiny Friends Hedgehog Hospital. Since undergoing treatment for alcohol and fame addiction, the voluptuous model has thrown herself into her charity role. On this occasion, however, she threw herself too hard.

Jordan recently split from her latest boyfriend, Fisher Athletic goalkeeper Jason Pike, and sources in her favourite eatery, the Café Classique kebab house in Uxbridge, say that that they have seen her drunk and unsteady in recent weeks. She seems to have been the worse for drink yesterday while opening a new hedgehog counselling centre – a project close to her heart, which helps hedgehogs overcome feelings of low esteem, often brought on alcohol and drug abuse.

After posing for pictures, Jordan became annoyed by photographers who jokingly asked her to fall over. Eventually she snapped and lunged at one of them – falling over in the process and squashing Henry, a six-year old hedgehog with a long-term eating disorder. Henry was retrieved from the celebrity’s cleavage but was put down soon afterwards.

A tearful Jordan was seen leaving the sanctuary in a cab.

A spokesman for Spiny Friends said that Jordan’s involvement with the hospital had reached the end of its natural life, and thanked her for her work.

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