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Amy Winehouse: A Moving Tribute

by | 4th, December 2007

amy_winehouse-pretty.jpg“AS a junkie Amy deserves scorn,” says the Mail’s front-page teaser, words illustrated by picture of Amy Winehouse in a red bra, “but surely someone can help this infuriatingly talented singer?”

Mail readers may like to volunteer their services. So too the paper’s writers: “I’m no snob but Amy Winehouse is from the gutter and might be flogged in Sudan,” (Max Hastings); “Pop’s guttering cynosure Winehouse needs more fatty oats” (Quentin Letts); and “Aimless Winehouse is going to hell in a handcart and she’s taking the rest of us with her”.

One thing Winehouse needs no help with is keeping her profile raised. In the Mirror, readers hear from Georgette Fielder-Civil, Winehouse’s mother-in-law. Says Georgette: “She is using more cocaine and heroin. She needs professional help.” Georgette reaching out to Amy via the pages of Closer magazine, “Number 1 for Rehab News”.

“Amy Move-house,” says the Sun, noting that Winehouse has “fled” her home in Camden, London, to move into new home in Bow, London.

This is a big move for Winehouse. And it may well have been the kind of thing a Mail reader advises. It could just be the short, sharp shock she needs…


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