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Mr John Darwin Panels His Canoe Back To 2002 And All That

by | 4th, December 2007

john-darwin.jpg“WHERE WAS I FOR 5 YEARS?” asks the Sun’s front-page headline, words hung alongside a picture of Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

The news story is not of the Spice Girl’s whereabouts, rather of one John Darwin who was thought to have drowned off the coast of Cleveland in 2002 after a canoeing accident.

Say police: “He can’t remember anything about what happened to him. “I think I’m a missing person,” says Mr Darwin as he walks into police station.

The Sun says that at the time of his disappearance, Mr Darwin had run up “huge debts”. It is not known if his life was insured. Or if his wife – who moved to Panama six weeks ago – ever claimed on his death.

“She left the house full of furniture. She left everything. It took them 15 skips to get the rubbish out,” says a former neighbour.
The Times “understands” that Mrs Darwin has “hundreds of thousands of pounds” in a Panamanian bank account.

“My memory’s gone, claims canoeist lost for five years,” says the Express. “Five lost years of the missing canoeist,” says the Mail’s front page. He is the Mirror’s “MR MYSTERY”.

Where has Mr Darwin been? And is there a chance he still thinks it is March 2002?

In which case who will tell him that the Queen Mother has passed away, and that Geri Halliwell is back?

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