Anorak News | Britney Spears And Her ‘Diddy Men’

Britney Spears And Her ‘Diddy Men’

by | 4th, December 2007

ken-dodd.jpgTHE Enquirer invites us within “BRIT’S CRAZY HOUSE!”

We will learn of “her double-locked secret room”, her “Cinderella obsession”; “what she keeps in the candy dish.”

The Enquirer risks spoiling the guessing game by whispering “pink handcuffs, ceiling mirrors & bizarre costumes”.

To Britishers, it is the stuff of a hen night in one of Basildon’s premier nightspots. To the Enquirer it is nothing short of a “madhouse”.

“Heavy dark curtain” cover the windows of the secret chamber, “and the only light comes from bordello red bulbs, which barely illuminate the back colour scheme and the large bed with black satin sheets.”

britney-spears-bald-400a030207.jpgdodd_lg_1.jpgPeering through the keyhole, we are introduced to the whips, spanking paddles, sex toys (these ‘Diddy Men’ are displayed in a glass jar) and “ticklers”.

The impression is not enough unlike finding Ken Dodd in your bed – disarming, amusing and terrifying in equal parts.

It’s an image firmed up by news that recently Britney passed an entire day speaking in a “weird British accent.”

How tickled we are…

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