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Dear Marc Bannerman: A Note From Sarah Matravers

by | 4th, December 2007

sarah-matravers.jpgONE thing even better than being a reality TV star is being the spurned lover of a reality TV star.

Victimhood is the preferred route for many fame hungry celebs – see: “I was bullied”; “I was edited to look bad”; “My bi-polar disorder” – and no-one screams “victim” like a spurned lover.

No, make that no-one screams “victim” like a spurned lover with an agent.

And in this week’s Grazia magazine Sarah Matravers unburdens herself.

When I’m A Celerity Get Me Out Of Here began, Ms Matravers was a model/actress living with former EastEnders’ waiter Marc Bannerman.

Now she is “devastated” model/actress Sarah Matravers, telling us how Marc told her he was “going to the jungle to make money for their future babies”. But instead the romance ended in a “very public betrayal” as Marc and fellow jungleist Cerys Matthews engaged in “intimate embraces in a hammock” and “loaded looks”.

“Thank God I’m not pregnant,” says Sarah. “I stopped using contraception in February…I wouldn’t be the kind of person to deny my kids a father, which means I’d be linked to this man for the rest of my life.”

Instead Sarah promises to be linked to Marc for the rest of her professional life, becoming known to millions of magazine readers and daytime telly viewers as “spurned lover Sarah Matravers”.

Now instead of carrying little Bannerman-Matravers, Sarah’s wondering if she’s carrying something else. “I’m going to have some tests in case I’ve caught anything… Yes, I’m going to have the full tests – for everything, including HIV.”
Marc, like the rest of us victim-hungry readers, awaits the results with a keen interest…

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