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Gillian Gibbons: Positions Vacant

by | 5th, December 2007

gillian-gibbons-sudan.jpgGILLIAN Gibbons is back home in the UK. The fate of Teddy Mohammed is unknown.

It is with profound regret that the Daily Express chose to ask its readers “Is it right for this British woman to be whipped?” and not enquire as to their feelings of the teddy, surely the real victim in this sorry tale.

“It is a very difficult and delicate area,” says Gillian in the Mirror.

Lord Ahmed, who helped secure Ms Gibbons release notes: “After all she had been through, she wanted to stay in Sudan and go back to teach at the school. That’s the kid of woman she is.”

What kind of woman she is is something Daily Express readers may like to vote on.

As for Gibbons, she says: “The Sudanese people I found to be extremely kind and generous and until this happened I only had a good experience. I wouldn’t like it to put anybody off going to Sudan – in fact I know of a lovely school that needs a new Year 2 teacher.”

And a teddy bear.

Teddy… Go 

Meanwhile the peoples of Peterborough are making a stand, showing solidarity with Gillian Gibbons. As the Express reports, Mohammed is now the most popular name in that fair city, ahead of Edward, Rupert and Barnaby…

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