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Papers Served On John Darwin And Panama Anne

by | 6th, December 2007

darwins-panama2.jpgJOHN Darwin is back from the dead. And we are invited to see the moment the Mirror tells “canoe wife..THE GAME IS UP”.

“Kids will kill me,” says the teaser, suggesting that if a plot does not succeed first time, the truly intrepid will try again. Whether any insurance company will be willing to underwrite Mrs Anne Darwin’s demise is uncertain.

And then getting her two sons, Mark and Anthony (“Et Tu, Mama”) to be party to her death is problematic, especially if they are no longer talking to her. As the Mail says: “My sons will never forgive me. They are going to hate me.” Anne Darwin says her boys never knew of their father’s survival. Even if the Express say the boys had given up their jobs in the past few months.

But the family has released a statement: “We hope the media will now give us privacy so we can come to terms with the news.” A dead man return to life. Miracles can happen. But not often.

And in the Mirror, Anne Darwin is “fighting tears as she faced the wreckage of her dreams and the threat of jail”. Anne was “reeling after we showed her the Mirror’s exclusive picture of her with Darwin in Panama”. The shot was taken in July last year when John Darwin was legally dead.

It was the Mirror that broke the news to Anne Darwin. Or was it the Mail, which says on its front page: “How the canoe man’s wife reacted when the Mail showed her this photo of them together in Panama last year.”

Resisting the urge to say “Seen it”, Anne Darwin holds her face in her hands. The Mail’s expose runs to five pages. The Express has six pages (“Panama, the destination of choice for Nazis and crooks”.) The Sun can only run to three pages, but it does come up with the better headline: “They’re up the creek without a paddle.”

And anything but sinking without trace…

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