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John Darwin Appears Like Kate Moss

by | 7th, December 2007

anne-darwin-hiding.pngWHEN the Mirror spotted John Darwin’s ghost stood beside his wife Anne in the offices of a Panama estate agency the paper added a new folder to its photojournalism legacy.
It was the Mirror that brought us pictures of Cocaine Kate Moss, looking on as the model arranged “a fat line of cocaine”.

It has yet to proven whether Moss was using drugs or chopping some other substance. The Mirror was bold. But mistakes can be made.

In 2004, the Mirror was a victim of “a calculated and malicious hoax” (its words) when it published faked photographs of British soldiers supposedly torturing Iraqi prisoners – in one picture a soldier was seen urinating on a hooded man while in another the hooded man is being hit with a rifle in the groin.

How would the Mirror view Anne Darwin’s holiday snaps? Was it John Darwin beside his wife, a lookalike, a ghost or a fake?

The answer is quick in coming. And in “MY LIES”, Anne Darwin tells the world: “I have been living my life as a lie, constantly looking over my shoulder.”

We too have looked over Anne’s shoulder, and seen her dead husband. He’s called John Jones, at least that’s the name on the passport he used after he ‘died’ in 2002.

“What sort of mother am I?” asks Anne Darwin. Sons Mark and Anthony have disowned her, “publicly”, says the Mail’s front page. “Who can blame them?” Anne Darwin asks. “I lied to them, my own sons. They’re totally innocent. They knew nothing. They thought their father was dead.”

And the plot: “Well, it as John’s decision but I went along with it.” He had been living in Panama and waiting for his wife to join him there.

Elsewhere, amid five pages of coverage, the Mirror tells of the “RIDDLE OF BROTHERS IN HIDING”. Mark Darwin is said to have cleared his London flat, made a “hurried” visit to his brother’s home and left “coded directions to his girlfriend to get to an airport”.

“Sons’ anguish as one of them does a ‘moonlit flit’,” says the Mail.

Meanwhile, the Express has news of what is says is John Darwin. He’s in the back of a car on his way to Redcar police station. Only, we cannot be sure it’s him. “The man at the centre of the mystery and the paper at the centre of unravelling it,” says the Express. “His head is secreted beneath a copy of the Daily Express,” says the Daily Express.

But is it him? Or is it John Darwin? John Jones? Kate Moss? Lord Lucan? The possibilities are endless…

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