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Daily Mail’s Paul Dacre And Faye Dunaway: A Study

by | 7th, December 2007

eyes1.jpgCONTINUING the Daily Mail’s “Old Women – Why Do They Stare?!” series of exposes, readers are invited to look at Faye Dunaway’s face (“film star looks”) and then study her hands (“hands don’t match her seemingly youthful face”).

Spot the difference?

Might it be that Dunaway has had some kind of procedure to make her hands look older and so add gravitas to her acting roles?

The Mail says the “veins and sinews” betray Dunaway’s age. The suggestion is that had she not had her mouth veneered and, perhaps, some nip ‘n’ tuck, that leather bag between her fingers could double for her face. Should she toss her keys into it or just open her mouth.

The effects of the living beneath the Los Angeles sun cannot be overstated.

Daily Mail Male

In light of this, Anorak’s friend 14 has produced a study of a Daily Mail body exclusive.

daily-mail-paul-dacre.jpg I know gossip reporting is not typically rooted in kindness and compassion – and without tabloids and blogger gossip, I wouldn’t have much subject matter to inspire my illustrations and parodies here on GOTA.

That being said, Holy Candy and I decided it was high time to collaborate on a Daily Mail parody. The UK’s second largest daily newspaper, the Daily Mail has increasingly turned their focus toward conjuring up fear and disgust over the natural process of ageing.

Unfortunately, this fear is focused mainly on women. Ageing men featured in the newspaper are fawned over, celebrated, and praised for looking so “natural”.

Women, on the other hand, are scorned for having veiny hands, wrinkles, cellulite and jowls. Often, a zoomed-in photo of the guilty body part is featured and Photoshop-enhanced to make it look even worse.

Holy Candy and I decided to see what would happen if Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, was placed under the same scrutiny as the female subjects featured in his newspaper. Just look at his deeply etched crow’s feet. The marches of time have not been kind to his age-ravaged face. His veiny hands and pendulous pot belly reveal his true age, and his thinning wisps of grey hair and crooked yellow teeth are sure signs that Father Time is gaining on him. You would think with all that money he makes off bashing older women, he’d be able to afford hair replacement, botox, dental work, and liposuction. medium: photoshop. graphic assembled by 14, text written by Candy Kirby.

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