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Jordan Intruder Makes Katie Price Shake

by | 7th, December 2007

katieprice.jpg“JORDAN STALKER TERROR,” says the Star.

How you read that headline is most likely dependent on how you view Jordan: with horror or a deep yearning. Is the stalker or Jordan being terrorised?

The news is that “busty” Katie Price is “still shaking with fright after a stalker tried to track her down to her bedroom”.

This is, then, not Jordan talking – that in-your-face face of Katie Andre/Price – but the real Katie Andre/Price, the person behind Jordan.

The fake Jordan may look like she has any number of men in her room of an evening, but the real Katie is quite different.

And she is scared. Rally scared. It seems that a man has gotten into the hotel room of her assistant. Says Katie to OK! magazine: “She woke up and she could smell cigarette smoke.

“She called out but he didn’t say anything so she called down to reception but the line went dead… They reckon somehow he knew I would have been in the room which is quite freaky.”

How the intruder knew this can, for now, only be guessed at. Celebrities are wont to use pseudonyms when staying in hotels. It is thought that to avoid being recognised most sign in as ‘Anthea Turner’, ‘Ross Kemp’ or ‘Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’.

Of course, Jordan already has a nom-de-celebrity and may have inadvertently mixed up Jordan, Katie Andre and Katie Price with her real Pollyanna…

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