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Indian Judge Orders Hindu Gods To Appear In Court

by | 7th, December 2007

ram-hanuman.jpgJUDGE Sunil Kumar Singh kindly requests the presence of Ram and Hanuman to “appear before the court personally”.

The Hindu gods have been asked to appear before the court in Dhanbad, India, this coming Tuesday. The judge says letters addressed to the gods had gone unanswered.

“Ram and Hanuman are among the most popular Indian Hindu gods,” says the BBC, and accordingly in much demand. Perhaps if they can’t be there in person, Ram and Hanuman can appear in a live satellite link up or on the phone?

Judge Singh wants the gods to help in a 20-year-old dispute on the ownership of a 1.4 acre plot of land housing two temples, where supplicants worship the aforesaid deities.

Temple priest Manmohan Pathak claims the land belongs to him. Locals say it belongs to the two deities.

Anorak would like it on the record that it has owned St Paul’s Cathedral ever since Jesus came to Old Mr Anorak and told him to look after the apcle and do with it as she saw fit. A petition is with the City of London Planning and Strip Club Licensee Office…

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