Anorak News | Juilette Lewis On Brad Pitt’s Trend-Setting ‘Little Brad’

Juilette Lewis On Brad Pitt’s Trend-Setting ‘Little Brad’

by | 9th, December 2007

brad_pitt_.jpgTHE National Enquirer’s Mike Walker spots Juilette Lewis, former love to Brad Pitt.

Says she: “After playing a rockin’ set with her band at club Chop Suey in Seattle… Juliette Lewis – who was hot ‘n heavy with hunky Brad Pitt back in the Stoned Age – was mingling at the bar when a wise guy fan blurted out: “Hey, Juliette, how was Brad Pitt in the sack anyway?”

Replies Lewis: “He was no… BIG deal, if ya know what I mean!”

“As Juliette turned to head back on stage, the guy yelled: ‘Are you saying Brad was the PITTS?’ Juliette started laughing so hysterically she banged into a table and sent everyone’s drinks flying – but quickly ordered a round on her and hopped back onstage, still giggling.'”

It’s a charming tableau. And of course it makes us wonder if Brad, often billed as “cute”, can be cute if he is overly big. Cute is small, so too “loveable”.

And it leads to other issues. Does Brad laugh it off or say that he last saw Lewis on a cold day in November and it will be a colder day in hell when he sees her again? Do we view the Brad penis from above (perilous) or the front?

And will Brad feel an urge for an augmentation procedure, setting a trend that all men will follow? Will he go for the “Schwarzenegger”, the “Clooney” or the ironic “Lewis”?

Anorak is aware that such things are in poor taste, but Hollywood sets the standards that we follow tomorrow, or a few years later if you live in Suffolk. Remember when Marlon Brando wore a sweaty T-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire (sales up) and Clark Gable took his shirt off in Frank Capra’s 1934 film It Happened One Night (sales down)..?

Watch this space…

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