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Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann’s Bags, Soft British Police And Torture

by | 10th, December 2007

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“Police in Portugal fear British cops will go easy on Kate and Gerry McCann if they quiz them about Maddie’s disappearance”

British police could interview the McCanns after Christmas

A Portuguese source says: “British police will ask the questions. It would be different if those involved were directly interrogated by our investigators and were targets of pressure”

Maybe a softer approach would help?

DAILY EXPRESS page 7: “Madeleine: British police should turn screws on parents say the Portuguese”

Is this what the Express wants, to torture the McCanns?

The Portuguese are said to “fear” that during “make-or-break” interviews, British police will “go easy” on the McCanns and the Tapas 7/ Tapas 9/ Sangria 7

Says the Express: “Portuguese law allows suspects and witnesses to be quizzed more confrontationally”

Says McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell: “This is a matter for Leicestershire police but we have seen nothing that has ever given us any cause for concern. There is nothing to suggest that they will not approach this with anything other than utter professionalism and competency”

Have Leicestershire police ever bungled, bodged or fudged a case? Would the tabloid press care to investigate, as they have the Portuguese police?

“Kate’s face shows terrible strain” – There are “heavy bags” under the Kate McCann eyes. She is “tired”. She is “pale”. Says a “member of the congregation” at the church Kate McCann is attending: “Kate looks as if she is having a really hard time. She looks so desperately sad”

Such are the facts

DAILY STAR page 10: “CRACK MADDIE’S PARENTS – Cops ordered to get tough”

“British detectives ordered to quiz Madeleine McCann’s parents will be told to ‘get tough’ with them”

Can Portuguese police tell Britain’s coppers what to do?

A letter from the Portuguese prosecutor to the Home Office contains over 100 questions and “tells UK officers precisely when and how to ask them”

Notes beside each question instruct “with feeling”, “smile (not with eyes)” and “exit stage right wearing a green felt hat and slapping thigh”

A source in Portugal said: “They will not be holding back. The police and prosecutor believe these interviews are vital in the search for the truth about Madeleine’s disappearance. If they don’t get these interviews right we may never know what happened. It is as simple as that”

If you don’t ask, you don’t get results

Continues the source: “There are certain suspicions among officers that the British police have some sympathy with the McCanns and may be too gentle. It has taken weeks preparing the questions and interview structure, then translating it all into English”
Anyone checked the translations?

“At a certain point we understand the officers will be told to get tough”
Because it’s easy to answer 100 questions while sat in police cell before a bevy of British and Portuguese police…

DAILY MAIL page 12: “Will police be ‘tough enough’ on McCanns?

The Portuguese “letters of appeal” – which detail questions detectives want put to the couple – had been due to be sent this week, but have been held up by red tape. The questions must go before a judge in Portugal before being translated and sent to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and then on to the police

Says a Policia Judiciaria: “The Portuguese investigators may only sit in on the questioning and make suggestions”

And Kate McCann? “Heavy bags under her eyes suggested the 39-year-old doctor is struggling to settle back into life in Britain”

Such are the facts…

DAILY TELEGRAPH (WEB ONLY): “Madeleine McCann: British police doubted”

“Portuguese police have ‘little faith’ that their British counterparts will be able to solve the mystery of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in new interviews with her parents and their friends”

Says Clarence Mitchell: “As we head towards Christmas, we do not believe that these interviews will take place before then, but if they do that’s fine”


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