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It’s The Most Stressful Morning Of The Year: Official

by | 10th, December 2007

stress.jpgTHAT Daily Telegraph has really brightened up our Monday morning.

But what’s this in the Express?

“Feeling burned out today?” asks the paper. “No wonder, this is the most stressful morning of the year, and that’s official.”

It goes on to cite a survey that has discovered how “stress peaks exactly two weeks before Christmas as a significant number of work, festive and social pressures come to a head”.

Still, why worry about that sort of thing, when the Express has squeezed this story between a huge picture of the new ‘faceless hoodies’ who hide behind zipped-up visors, and a terrifying warning that Britain’s drinking water is contaminated by dangerous chemicals.

All this on Day 221 of THE HUNT FOR MADELEINE.

Forget that about brightening our morning. On second thoughts, we’re going back to bed.

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