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The Prince And Myself: Jade Goody Meets Prince Azim Of Brunei

by | 12th, December 2007

jade-azim.jpgJADE Goody has met with Prince Azim of Brunei. Or make that Jaded Baddy has met with dark-skinned Asian.

Says Ms Goody in the Mail: “I have become quite friendly with the Prince of Brunei. He wanted to meet me, we got on like a house on fire. He gave me a ring and it’s huge, full of diamonds.”

The Mail looks at the ring, wrapped about his Goody’s finger like a strip of foil on a Sunday joint, and estimates its value at £3million.

In return for his, the prince wants to hang out with Jade, a woman to whom he bears an uncanny physical resemblance.

Right now genealogists and hunting for a line that traces Goody to an opulent palace in Brunei, or indeed Azim to a converted barn in rurban Essex.

But what if Azim is meeting Jade for purposes of research, a case of the Prince And I, as Jade teaches the young Eastern royal the ways of the West?

Jade is the epitome of the British way of life, versed in such esoteric arts as curry sauce dispensing, knowing the difference between a “minger” and a “munter” and how to work the word “fuck” into any sentence (“Fuckin’ right, you minger”) or indeed amid a single word (“Poppa-fuckin’-dom”).

Says Prince Azim: “At the end of the day, she’s not up her arse, like them overs, and me and me mates fink she’s O- fuckin’–k…”

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