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Wag Watch: Alex Curran Horror Over Steven Gerrard’s Gift

by | 13th, December 2007

alex-curran.jpgTHE good news is that Alex Curran, Wag to England footballer Steven Gerrard, likes shopping. She may even live for it.

The bad news is that her next shopping expedition has been triggered not by England making it to Austria and Switzerland for this summer’s European Championships of Shopping but by a raid on her family home.

In “OUR TERROR”, Curran tells Mirror readers: “It was terrifying – a horrendous experience. I’m still traumatised by the whole thing.”

Inside the paper, over two more pages, Alex manages to find an outfit to put on, a ring and a necklace, too.

It is apparent that the four robbers did not take everything. And in the Star, Alex can be seen in black leggings, black boots and carrying a bag that should comfortably hold the contents of a mid-sized department store.

On the Mail’s cover, Curran is wearing a plunge-necked dress in tope. And in the Mail the outfit is a silver mini-dress, bejewelled strappy black shoes and a clutch bag.

It is clear Curran needs more stuff. So it’s off to the shops for her. Although there is some confusion over what she needs to replace. The Star says the £10,000 Cartier watch she told the world she was buying her footballer for Christmas has been stolen but the Sun says it was missed by the robbers.

Of course, now the surprise is ruined. So Curran will just have to buy another one, perhaps for Gerrard’s other wrist.

And on an even better note, the combined value of the two watches will help counter accusations that Curran has gone downmarket…

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