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Danielle Lloyd’s Orange Glow

by | 13th, December 2007

danielle-lloyd_pale-pink-bikini.jpgSIGNS on the Daily Star’s front cover that the orangey cover that swaddles Danielle Lloyds’ body like the rind on a seasonal Satsuma renders her impervious to cold.

“Baby it’s cold outside,” says the Star’s front-page headline, “so let our hottie warm you up.”

Danielle is pictured in white bra and knickers and her trademark orange coating. “Ice one, Dani…,” says the paper.

The world is looking for alternative sources of insulation, what with rising energy prices and climate change. Might it be that Fake Bake keeps out the winter chill?

If so, we beseech the powers that be to make Orange Glow available free to all home owners, the homeless and OAPs. Or, failing that, deliver Danielle to your home and instruct her to stretch out her legs in the manner of a two-bar fire…

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