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Lapdancing Is The Saviour Of Mankind, And Posh And Becks

by | 13th, December 2007

handjive.jpgUSED to nights in and out with Victoria, David Beckham may have spent the duration of he and his wife’s trip to a pole dancing club ogling the slender pole.

He may well have squeezed his wife’s hand and offered her a reassuring “Phwoarr!”

James Walsh, who was in the club when the Beckhams arrived, tells the Mirror: “I was having a dance and the girl I was with said she had just been with the Beckhams. I suppose that is the closest I’ll get to dancing with Victoria.”

Again our attention is captured by the pole.

And moreover by this the club-goer’s interpretation of the world “dance”. If there is one thing we have learnt from outings with Old Mr Anorak, our patron, it is that pole-dancing and lap-dancing require only one person to actually dance.

The male may care to hand jive or tap his toe but his efforts are otherwise not needed.

Indeed, the very appeal of such dancing venues is that they give the male dancer the chance to say that he has been dancing and enjoyed it without moving. The famously stiff Posh may also have enjoyed the dance.

In this season, men are required to dance at Christmas parties. The man can: a) stand in the middle of an already dancing group and be almost unnoticed; b) execute a comedy dance; or c) affect an injury and spend the night talking with the guys from the IT department.

But thanks to lap dancing all men can “go dancing” without fear of looking a sad, pathetic fool…

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