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Government Tips On Preventing Data Theft

by | 13th, December 2007

SAYS Dizzy: “How the Government ignores its own advice – Why is it that those who offer the best advice rarely heed the same advice themselves? Peter Mandelson for example was renowned for being brilliant at giving out advice to avoid media hiccups, but when it came to his own private life he was a complete mess.”

The same it seems is true of the Government. Take for example the Cabinet Office sponsored sponsors Get Safe Online campaign. The Cabinet Office has spent £300,000 on this worthy campaign will soon provide a futher £150,000 to it to help educate the masses.

The campaign includes very useful and sensible pages such as ‘Prevent data theft using removable devices’, ‘Control access to critical information’ and ‘Use Encryption’.

The phrase “practice what you preach” springs to mind doesn’t it?

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