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Man Has Supermarket Tattooed On Stomach

by | 13th, December 2007

FROM the Anorak Forums, AGW writes: Another tummy trouble tale for you.

A TEENAGER who had her lover’s nickname tattooed onto her stomach found out months after they split up that it actually said “supermarket”.
The mistake was discovered when the North East of England young woman walked into a Chinese takeaway to find out what the symbols 超级市场 meant.
She had asked a tattoo parlour to put her friend’s nickname “Roo” on her midriff. She chose a capital R, capital O and lower case o to have different symbols.
It cost her eighty quid and a lifetime of embarrassment.

Ah well, at least the local studs know where to shop.
She should claim her stomach is labelled Heaven’s Door…who’d know?

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