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The Tenth Rule Of Celebrity With Guest Star Kerry Katona

by | 14th, December 2007

kerry_quest_big.jpgTHE Tenth Rule Of Celebrity dictates that a drama occurring to persons famous should be met by comment from other famous persons, chiefly in shows of support and empathy.

And even if an unfortunate event happens to non-famous persons, should the scale be grand enough they will form a coven and call it a telethon. Smaller scale events garner a Heart of Gold.

And here is Kerry Katona, mother, supermarket own-brand ketchup fan and jungle lettuce shaker to give her views on a recent disaster.

Having read in the papers that Alex Curran, Wag to Steve Gerrard’s England footballer, has been affected by a burglary to her home, Kerry responds in a way that shows her as a victim, friend, empathiser and champion. And above all a celebrity.

Not too long ago Kerry’s home was burgled. “Kerry says she suffered a “flash back of panic” when she heard how Curran had been treated, trills the Star. Kerry “froze in horror”. Kerry is the real victim here.

“I know what you’re going through,” says Kerry. Empathy.

“What happened to me was the worst experience of my life, but I’ve managed to get through it.” Strength. “You will to.” Support.

Alex Curran’s views are not given…

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