Anorak News | Amy Winehouse Leads Pop’s Nostalgia Tribute For Tupac Shakur And Leon Jackson

Amy Winehouse Leads Pop’s Nostalgia Tribute For Tupac Shakur And Leon Jackson

by | 16th, December 2007

amy-winehouse-3.jpgAMY Winehouse “jail hell,” says the News of the World.

It’s a good career move. Short of a stint on a reality TV show judge, shaving her head or an untimely death – the NOTW says Winehouse has vowed “SUICIDE” if jailed for abetting her husband in an alleged £200,000 plot to fix his assault trial – jail is very much the go.

The paper says Winehouse “could face LIFE in jail if cops link her to the suspected conspiracy to clear husband Blake Fielder-Civil on a GBH charge”. Of course, LIFE for Winehouse will mean DEATH”. “Amy, however, is now one step even closer to the brink,” says the paper. She was ever edgy.

Life In Death

Neither life not death will do her earnings much harm. Forbes magazine’s “Top-earning dead celebrities” lists for 2007, featured Elvis Presley (No. 1) singer-songwriter John Lennon (2), former Beatle George Harrison at (4), Tupac Shakur (8) soul singer James Brown (11) and reggae star Bob Marley (12).

On the London Underground, there are adverts for new releases from the legendary hip hop figure Tupac Shakur, whose face also illuminates the night sky on Times Square (43rd and Broadway) at the Southwest corner of Times Square.

Despite being at rest since 1996, Tupac’s new album features new material and remixes of old material. Tupac produces and reproduces. Nothing prevents writer’s block like death.

This latest Winehouse news, of course, comes one day after Leon Jackson became the latest reality TV product when he won TV’s X Factor talent show.

Liam and his vanquished opponents behaved impeccably well. No pinching. No spitting. No vows of vengeance and screams “fix!”. Liam looked genuinely tired and emotional as his shoulders slumped and the tears rolled from his eyes.

Leon adds his name to a lengthening line of nice reality people – stuttering Gareth Gates, jump-jawed Will Young, musakal Hear’Say.

The result has been a beige chorus of cover versions and invitations to clap the star because, well, he’s a nice lad, she’s a nice girl and you liked their new single when you first heard in 1982.

Pop’s Politicos

The alternative to the nice boys and girls are the likes of Mr G9 (Bono – “I represent a lot of people [in Africa] who have no voice at all…”) Bob Geldof and Elton John who implore us to be better people and do the right thing for the planet.

Meanwhile, away from reality and elitist old pop stars preparing legacies like departing politicians, we get Winehouse and Pete Doherty, singers who understand that the music is always second to the drugs, the drink and the drama.

Amid all the remixes of old songs and the reinvigorating of old and dead acts, Winehouse gives us the true taste of nostalgia, when popstars behaved properly.

Anorak favourite badly behaved popstars:

Chuck Berry – Berry was sentenced to three years in jail in 1961 for transporting a 14-year-old prostitute across state lines for “immoral purposes”. In 1994 he was sued by 60 women for, allegedly, filming them in the bathroom of his Southern Air restaurant in Wentzville, Missouri. To protect himself from allegations of rape he insisted female fans strip and smile for pictures with him before he’d have sex with them

Lee “Scratch” Perry – The reggae great was sighted walking backward and worshiping bananas. In 1980, he burned his studio down. He has placed a curse on the BBC which will only lapse when play his records around the clock.

Brian Wilson – Upon meeting some youths backstage in 1970, Beach Boy Wilson introduced himself with a cheery “I’m Brian”. Came the reply: “We know. We’re your children”…

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