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Joss Stone’s Flake Is A Fudge

by | 17th, December 2007

fudge.jpgJOSS Stone, she of the mid-Atlantic drawl, will advertise Cadbury’s Flakes because, as the Cadbury spokesman tells the Express, “she reflects the Flakes girl’s attitude to life”.

The Flake is now the tenth most popular selling confectionary in the UK. Cadbury Dairy Milk remains the best-selling chocolate in Britain. You may have seen the advert for it where Phil Collins plays the drum in the nude.

True enough, the thought of Collins simulating oral sex on a stick of flaky chocolate will appeal to a niche demographic, and it might be that no celebrity can be all things (surely, Allsorts) to all confectionary bars.

But should we congratulate Stone or offer our sympathies? Did her agent take a risk when he knocked back the Finger of Fudge deal? And had he accepted, what would it have said about Stone’s “Attitude to life”?

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