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Pete Doherty To Run The London Marathon

by | 17th, December 2007

pete-doherty.JPGWITH new celebrity Leon Jackson bedding in old celebrity Pete Doherty needs a new headline-making song, or failing that, a stunt.

So here’s news in the Mirror that Pete Doherty wants to run the London Marathon. Whether he will run or not is beside the point. It is that he should want to run that is newsworthy.

The Mirror says Doherty has already started jogging in preparation for next year’s gruelling 26-mile road race.

Says the Doherty camp: “There is some truth to this – you never know what could happen.”

We don’t know but we have a rough idea, given that Doherty’s career to date has been a varied as a Gregorian chant.

The real fear is that Doherty will turn to running and do too well, revealing a commitment to speed that his drugs history demands.

As such, marathon champion Doherty may find himself drugs tested and his run rendered null and voice when his blood samples are found to contain more than the usual builders’ dust, burnt kebab and coffee fumes most Londoners inhale.

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