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Farting Woman Downs American Airlines Jet

by | 17th, December 2007

queen-cheney.jpgTO an American Airlines plane in the airspaces above Nashville. A smell of sulphur is in the air. Is Anthea Turner aboard? No. A bomb? Well, of sorts.

It is the smell from burning matches.

The plane is grounded. Passengers are evacuated and the aircraft is searched. Matches are found on the seat of a woman.

“It was determined that she was trying to conceal body odour,” says Lynne Lowrance, of the Nashville Airport Authority.

The Anorak is minded of the ancient rhymes “Smelt it dealt it” and “He who denied it, supplied it”, and wonders if the woman might have ignored the matter of just scowled at some other persons and so blamed them.

Anorak readers will surely recall the matter of Storer v Bedminster Down Secondary School, Bristol. Ms Storer had been forced to quit her £48,000 a year job because of her chair, so she claimed. As the art teacher explained: “It was very embarrassing to sit on. I asked for a chair that didn’t give me a dead leg or make those embarrassing farting sounds.”

Each time Ms Storer moved there was an accompanying “Phwwwharp!” Ms says the chair became a “regular joke” – “My chair would make these farting sounds and I regularly had to apologise that it wasn’t me, it was my chair.”

Again, it would have been best had Ms Storer just ignored the matter or perhaps even laughed along. She could have offered the retort “He who made the rhyme, made the crime” whenever someone affected to have “smelt it”.

Back on board the place and the unidentified woman makes it know that she has “an unspecified medical condition”.

She has drawn attention to herself once more and is very likely on a database of noxious persons.

What chair she was sat upon is not revealed…

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