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Does Jessica Simpson Take It Like Beckham?

by | 18th, December 2007

tony-romo-jessica-simpson.jpgDO American football fans chant? Reading in the Enquirer that Jessica Simpson is dating Dallas Cowboys’ player Tony Romo, we wonder what reception this romance gets in the stands?

Americans soccerists being reared on the sport by David Beckham may care to note that every one of his games for Manchester United began when his wife sat down.

Fine Beckham moves and passes were shot and re-shot on cameras, the floodlights dimmed and brightened to ensure David looked his best. When Beckham struck the ball, executing the Beckham Bend the crowd would blow on swannee whistles (pass), and slide trombones (shot).

Over in the US, we wonder if Jessica Simpson’s presence is not really well met or if she remains under the cosh of the proctologist’s eternal puzzler “Does she take it up the a**e?”…

Let us hope that the Beckham effect has tamed the barbarians…

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