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Celebrity Policing With Amy Winehouse

by | 19th, December 2007

winoblake11.jpgAMY Winehouse has been arrested in connection with an investigation into claims that her husband Blake perverted the course of justice.

And that means more words from Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father who appears to be her spokesperson but remains forever billed as a cab driver. Mouthpiece- Cabbie might well be a new conjoined career, like Model-Actress and Celebrity-Judge.

Mitch tells the Star: “My main concern is my daughter’s welfare.”

Mitch tells the Mail: “Obviously we’ll have to wait and see what police plan to do next, but as for Amy being arrested, it is all above board and she is merely helping in any way she can.”

Always good to help the police. It was the singer Myleene Klass who told us: “It takes a great degree of determination and dedication to police our streets.” Said fellow chanteuse Katie Melua: “I’d have loved to have been a police officer, when I was younger other than being a songwriter it was my dream job. It’s so important for the public to feel safe on the streets.”

Celebrities who want to be police. And police who arrest Winehouse and then tell us that she not been charged.

As Mick Hume wrote: “It seems that the authorities are developing a habit of trying to use celebrities as ‘reverse role models’, holding them up as examples of the social ills against which the police must protect the nation’s youth.”

Pete Doherty epitomises the kind of thing the police have to face. So too Winehouse, who the Sun says is screaming and crying as she is arrested. It’s the kind of thing police fans can see on any number fo TV shows, like ‘Police Stop’, ‘Scum Bus’ and ‘Look Out For The Stairs, Sambo’.

Only this one’s got special guest stars…

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