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Michael Jackson: Post Its From The Edge

by | 20th, December 2007

jackson.jpgIS that Michael Jackson on the Mirror’s front page?

Recognising someone whose face really does change in the wind, and often gets stuck, is no easy thing.

I recall a trip to a Rod Stewart concert. Rod kicked footballs into the crowd and crowed. But a look around the stadium at all the shaggy blonde heads and leggings in the seats encouraged thoughts that the figure on stage was an impostor and the real Rod was taking time out to enjoy himself, literally.

Rod, of course, always looks the same. His is a look that can be purchased in any costumiers and joke shop. Jackson is a far trickier thing, requiring imagination and skill with plastercine and clay.

But the Mirror seems certain it is Jackson. As it writes on its front page: “ELASTO JACKO – Shambling round a book shop, his face covered in plasters, what has happened to the one-time King of Pop?”

Readers will see what the Mirror calls “half a dozen plasters” stuck to his face. “Sticko Jacos,” says the Sun’s front-page headline. Jackson is the Mail’s “plaster of disguise”. But what if these flaps are his face?

Looking at Jackson, you may call to mind Ming Campbell, former leader of the LibDems. At a party conference a cardboard effigy of the great man was erected and delegates invited to stick on Post It notes, each one containing an idea what would make the LibDems might once more.

Might this be Jackson executing a similar marketing plot, asking for suggestions as to what his next face should look like? And if you can make room for five lips, seventeen noses, four cheek bones and every shade of white and brown, so much the better…

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