Anorak News | Amy Winehouse Chews Over A Spell On Remand

Amy Winehouse Chews Over A Spell On Remand

by | 20th, December 2007

winehouse-trippy.jpgMORE signs that the police are obsessed by celebrity in news on Amy Winehouse.In a piece in which the Sun’s new showbiz writer Gordon ‘Prime Minister of Showbiz’ Smart says “prisoners are very protective of their women”, he hears “pals” wonder if Winehouse was arrested because they wanted to get a sample for her DNA.

As one “mate” says: “In the raid they reckon they found gum with coke in it. But to do a DNA test they need to arrest you.”

Can it be that when police smashed down the door of the Winehouse residence (see pictures in all papers) they were not looking for evidence of her husband’s alleged role in a plot to pervert the course of justice but a dabble of cocaine?

Did the cops seize a piece of chewing gum believed to have been chewed by Winehouse, not because they are celebrity potty and wanted souvenir of their night out but because they were gathering evidence?

Over in the Express, readers get the headline: “Amy’s mission ‘to get herself locked up’.” Can we thus expect to see the winger hawking mashed up bits of chewing gum on street corner, or lobbing them at police cars?

One thing we do know for certain: if Winehouse does go to remand it will be in an open-topped Black Maria surrounded by grinning, media friendly policemen…

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