Anorak News | The Kids Are in Sight: Spice Girls, Posh T-Shirts And Chelsea’s Little Dennis Wise

The Kids Are in Sight: Spice Girls, Posh T-Shirts And Chelsea’s Little Dennis Wise

by | 20th, December 2007

posh-spice.jpgWHEN did it begin, this habit of celebrities introducing their children to the fans?

The first time the Anorak really noticed the incongruous presence of a celebrity child was when little Dennis wise, Chelsea’s ankle-biting fire starter captain, carried his son Henry Wise up the Wembley steps to collect the FA cup.

Little Dennis and even Littler Henry formed a mawkish, sugar-coated double act. We’d have enjoyed it – and there is a little shame here – had little Henry stuck two fingers up to the camera, and so the watching millions at home, or projectile vomited into the venerable old cup. The tin lid put on the tableau by Little Dennis then plonking Littler Henry in the cup.

All we got was the Wise family day out, the cloying image of a footballer stood on the hallowed turf soaking up his memories in the company of his boy, who had achieved his life’s apogee aged three.

Now we see in the Telegraph the Spice Girls introducing their children to the crowd at the O2 Arena, London. Undoubtedly there would be some Spice fans who enjoy seeing the kids stage centre, so too man in caravan sites in Rhyl and grandmas and grandpas.

Child welfare campaigners may care to note that the younger Beckham, identifiable by the word “POSH” on his T-shirt, is wearing huge ear protectors, like he’s listening to the sound of a drill, nails being dragged down a blackboard or his mum encouraging the fans to “Make some NOI-Y-SE!”

The two more Beckham children also sport “POSH” T-shirts, one up form “I love my mum” baby grows. The other Spice Children at least get to dodge the shame in their unbranded gear, and in years to come can pretend that the middle-aged women in the boob tube is not their mum but a singer they met by dint of winning a crayoning competition.

NB: Geri Halliwell’s daughter Bluebell was the only Spice child missing. Why is not made clear…

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